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Workshop with Manuel De Vits:"Lead Generation "

21 жовтня 2017 Україна, Київ

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Виберіть кількість квитків, що ви бажаєте придбати
Виберіть кількість квитків, що ви бажаєте придбати
Квитки на захід "Workshop with Manuel De Vits:"Lead Generation "" (21-10-2017 – 21-10-2017)
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Про захід

Guys, welcome the second part of our 2-day workshop!

Our inspirational speaker Manuel De Vits. Are You always dreaming of talking with an expert of sales? Then You have a great opportunity to do it! Being in with him in the same room brings already results.

All the comments of the audience of previous workshop goes on the same way: Practical, easy to apply, motivating and inspirational.

This is a workshop for everybody who is in Sales! Services or products, junior or CEO.
�Little background about Manuel:�
— Actually coaching more than 10 sales teams in Ukraine and in Western Europe, Helping them to build their sales team, training them to lead generation, and building a strong sales strategy that brings quickly revenues.

— Partnering Talent.Today (Ukrainian company) as Business Development Director for Western Europe.

— Consulting d:evolute (a German Outsourcing Company, Berlin) for his Outbound Sales Strategy.

— Finished a 6 months mission for a Luxembourg automotive group (Opened 5 showroom with hiring, coaching and managing 25 Sales)

— building the sales division and outbound sales strategy for a new Internal recruitment agency of a Luxembourg IT Company.��Now, Manuel, is dedicating dedicate his time between East & Western Europe, speaking at international conference, helping IT companies to structure their sales department by coaching their team and giving workshops on many Sales, Marketing & Management topics

Come and learn new Sales Secrets on our Workshops!
Part 3. Lead Generation

How to do market research
How to identify needs
Difference of culture, ways of thinking and ways of making a decision
Resources, tools & tactics to hack Lead Gen in the cheapest way — how to automate it
Outbound Leads vs Inbound Leads

Here you can take a look at two other workshops:
Workshop with Manuel De Vits: "Visiting Prospects & Sales at Conferences"
Workshop with Manuel De Vits: "Сold mailing & cold messaging"

The time: 21th of October, at 15:00-18:00.
The price: 480 UAH.

And we have a great offer especially for YOU:
You can buy tickets for all 3 workshops only for 1000 UAH -->https://goo.gl/JUzLHg

21 жовтня 2017
15:00 — 18:00
Ресторан "Три Вилки"
Україна, Київ


Lemberg Tech Business School


Тел.: +38 (067) 2682782